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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Noticing the stupid people

Some things in life just can't be avoided.  Dentist visits, bathing, and stupid people.  Take notice around you during your going abouts.  It cannot be denied, they are everywhere.  And with human population on the uprise, your odds of running into one is quite probable.  Well, don't roll your eyes at me!! I'm simply telling you what you already know.  After all, you have seen them.  Am I right?!  I thought so.  They are everywhere, and I mean everywhere!

So what can be done about this?  I'm glad you asked, because that is the first step in realizing the issue at hand.  There are several ways to deal with this:

Place spikes around your premises.

The ones in the picture are not quite large enough, but you get the idea.  Real stupid people need larger spikes.  Smaller spikes for smaller problems.  Some are convienient, retractable models, for taking to the office.

                                                                                             Become an acrobat.

Doing so, you will be able to outrun them.  Stupid people walk on two left feet.  They are unaware of their comings and goings.  Train at your local YMCA, take ninja courses and look into joining a circus for great insider tips.  The sooner you can master these feats, the better off you'll be from the idiots.

                                                                                  Throw Marbles at them.


We all know the reason for this.

              And if by any chance, you are the state of emergency because somehow, some way, one of the stoopits got ahold of your precious phone number, make recordings of your dog answering the phone so when the dumb heads do call, the recordings of Fido will answer for you.

Now there is hope for them.  Studies show that treating stupid with stupid results in a more positive well being.  Two negatives make a positive!  But be patient....the longer a stupid is left alone, the longer and less hopeful they are to becoming an active, intelligent part of society.  Remember, you are doing them some good.  And if anything else, you are being entertained.

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  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


    That spiderman person reallllllllly makes me mad to look at