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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Part baby part cat :by Emily

Once upon a time, there was a part cat part baby.  The baby was outside playing kick the can.

Meanwhile, his mommy was home sick.  She had no tissues.  So the baby went to the store to get some tissues and the cat part of it got mad and peed on itself.  And then there was even a more awful problem.  It ran into a couple of mean bullies that were boys,  so the cat baby had to defend itself.  It pooped.

So then the half cat half baby made it home to it's mommy and gave her the tissues.  She was ok then.  But the cat baby wasn't happy because it had a little bit left over stuck poot to it.  So the cat baby thingamajig had to take a bath and it doesn't like to do that. 

When the mommy put the part baby part cat in the tub for bathtimes, something happend...it cracked open and revealed cadburry eggs!!  Just kidding.  It cracked open and his tooth fell in the drain. So the mommy was trying to find glue to fix it.  Her baby cat baby was falling apart and stinky!  It hit itself with a tool. 

The mommy found glue and started gluing it back together.  So they were all happy and all alive again.  The end.

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