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I write about absolutely nothing at all. There is no importance to it, nor is there anything that will make you brighter. It will, in fact, make you dumb and possibly entertained a bit. I write because it's an outlet. It's fun and footloose and fancyfree. I have grammar and punctuation problems, and you probably have foul smelling body odor or maybe you walk through life with a constant wedgie. Let's play on that and be stoopit.
Beware of foul language and sometimes disgusting use of words.
Can't say I didn't warn ya.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Cinnamon says...

Cinnamon says....

"I am a dainty, lovely and I cross my paws like this."

"I collect hats."

"Don't forget to drink your milk everyday!"

"I like to sit on the computer and poot."

"I sleep on my mommy's belly."

"I like to smell the toothpaste off of your toothbrush and close my eyes while I do it."

"I will hog the bathroom sink."

"I talk"

"I will tear other cats in the neighborhood up, and then be so cute when my mom comes and finds me, and I get a treat"

"Could chase the birds in the yard that my mom feeds breads to, but I don't because I am a love love"

"I am very thankful that I was rescued from the shelter, because I am a good kitty, and want to remind others to look at the shelters first before you adopt, because there are some great friends there!" 

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